Guest Post By: Tatyana K. Varenko and Giveaway

Hello again my fellow readers; sorry for being too lazy to post a post. I had my own health problem but I shall talk now more for today I would love to welcome Tatyana K. Varenko author of Elfineness.

Here are her wonderful words:
Hi everyone! Thanks for attending
This “paranormal meeting”
With versed Elfineness book, intending
To offer you a greeting.

The novel mentioned is a story
Of elves, vampires, magic;
Of love and heartache, wars and glory;
Of fates both great and tragic.

The setting is on the background
Of nanobots destroying
The world of humans to the ground,
With “vampish” troops deploying.

That would be a concise description
Of what you will be facing
When tracking the events this fiction
Is dearly embracing.

I cannot tell you more without
Disclosing much and spoiling
The reading for you. Please find out
Yourselves all things uncoiling.

You may be wondering by now
What was my inspiration,
Why is the book in verse and how
I plotted its creation?

Well, first things first, I was inspired
When my imagination
Tied up the images required
From dreams evaluation.

The plot and characters were there 
And needed but portraying,
Arranging random scenes with care
And humor in relaying.

And speaking of my style of writing
With preference for versing,
For me prose sounds uninviting,
While “poems” keep emersing –

A “glitch” my brain just keeps producing,
By way of relaxation,
Mind-blowing like a drug, seducing,
Exciting in sensation.

If, after reading this narration,
You feel like asking questions,
Proceed without hesitation,
I’m open to suggestions.
Giveaway time
About Elfineness"
Back to her own self and kingdom,Luella’s winning back her nameSecuring her reign and freedomWith Derek, her re-found flame.
When things are looking up like neverAnd happiness is at her door,The Elders want her, however,Engaged in the impending war.
Can she refuse without facingThe consequences it may bring?Will she be capable of tracingThe missing links she needs to win?
And this is all on the backgroundOf nanobots beyond controlDestroying down to the groundThe human race condemned to fall.