Audiobook Spotlight! The Iron Druid Chronicles - HEXED

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Hexed - Kevin Hearne

There is nothing like finding a good series on audiobook, with a great narrator + a great series to make things just the perfect blend of awesome. I recently stumbled across THE IRON DRUID CHRONICLES after had a sale and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Fan of Harry Dresden? Like your boys with a bit of brogue? You need to check out THE IRON DRUID. These books are fun, a little bit sexy, full of zany misadventures and just the perfect urban fantasy novel with a strong male lead. Top that off with almost perfect narration by Luke Daniels, aka – the guy that had me swooning over his Irish accent – you have a great listen on audiobook.


Hexed – Book 2 of The Iron Druid Chronicles


In the last book we were introduced to a few witches that had taken up with Aengus Og, thus reinforcing Atticus’ dislike for witches in general. The book doesn’t paint them as very good characters, their beauty just glamours, their power great, possessing the ability to kill a person just by having a lock of their hair. Along with Atticus’ introduction to the witches coven in the last book, there are also a few problems that haven’t been fixed because of the finale of the last book, including a few escaped demons. Even though it wasn’t Atticus’ fault, he believes it is his duty to right these wrongs. So, with a little help from a Native American god, Atticus has to go to work. On top of maybe having a show down with some nasty German witches that feel they want to take over the area, now that their isn’t a powerful coven in residence. It just doesn’t end for Atticus!


The fun just keeps coming. More Celtic gods and goddesses emerge, the plot thickens by introducing other pantheon of gods and goddesses, informing us that All of the worlds gods and goddess exist, from Thor (even the comic version) to Jesus and all the incarnations of Mary and Atticus’ Celtic gods are just 1 of many that can cause havoc on their world. It makes for quite an interesting plot and it just seems to get better and better.

This is a series you don’t want to miss! Start at book one, even though they could be read out of order.